Pimples Tips in Urdu

Pimples Tips and TreatmentPimples Tips in Urdu: Pimples is the problem of almost every teenage girls and boy. They are really fed up with this problem. During Acne, pimples appear on the face and leave some scars after some time. This happens because of genetical change in human beings normally starting from the teenage. You can treat pimples by using some home remedies like: Add lemon juice and rose water in equal quantities and apply this mixture on the affected area of face for about half an hour. For more pimples tips in urdu please click on read more button and you will see pimples removing home remedies in urdu that will help you to clean your skin and remove pimples from your face to make it shiny and clean. Your comments will highly be appreciated by Tips in Urdu.
Pimples Tips in Urdu


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