Gharelu Nuskhe


Gharelo Totkay in Urdu

Gharelo Totkay in Urdu: Gharelo tokay are very famous in not only Pakistani villages but also in modern cities. Old women tell these simple and worth working totka’s to their daughters and sisters and in this way these totka’s become popular in new age women. The Gharelu Totka’s help women to solve their simple daily […]

Totkay in Urdu

Totkay in Urdu: Totkay or Gharelo Nuskhe are tips and tricks that help men and women to solve their daily life problems and make things much more easy. People search for these terms on internet to find totkay in urdu: Totkay in Urdu, Gharelo Totkay, Urdu Totkay, Totkay, Gharelo Totkay in Urdu, Totkay For Beauty, […]

Gharelu Ilaj

Gharelu Ilaj: Gharelu Ilaj or Gharelu Ilaaj means treatment at home or you can say home remedies. Gharelu ilaj is well known in Pakistan specially in villages of Pakistan where hospitals are far away from homes of villagers. So they try to find out treatment of  diseases at home. In this post I have uploaded […]

Totkay Hi Totkay

Totkay Hi Totkay – Gharelo Totkay, Urdu Totkay – In this post you are going to read totkay in Urdu which are used in our daily life. Totkay means Tips. These gharelo totkay are well tested and women of Pakistan trust on them. Older age women tell their daughters and daughter in laws these totka’s […]