Breast Cancer in Urdu

Breast Cancer in UrduBreast Cancer in Urdu – Breast cancer is the commonest malignancy disease in females. It accounts for 18% of all women cancers and there are about 1 million new cases each year all over the world. Pakistani women fear from breast cancer and many of them try to treat their breasts at home and use “Desi Totkay ” to reduce pain in breast. Also many of them cannot afford the costly treatment of cancer. Women should know the basic information about breast cancer like symptoms, causes and treatment of breast cancer. I have selected a video and uploaded a picture in which you can see breast cancer symptoms in urdu. This information is not only useful for the women who are suffering from breast cancer but also help other women to know the basic information about breast cancer. For breast cancer in urdu please click on read more button. You please share your knowledge about breast cancer in comments box at the end of this post for the visitors of Tips in Urdu.

Breast Caner in Urdu


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