Hair Fall Solution in Urdu

Hair LossHair Fall Solution in Urdu: Hair Care Tips in Urdu – Hair fall is a common problem in this world and specially in Pakistan its growing at very fast rate. Hair fall in not only the problem of men and women but children are also facing this problem and you see many kids with no or little hair. Hair fall results in “Ganga Pan“. Hair fall has become a common problem in Pakistan. There are different hair fall control remedies available for different type of hair. Some most common reasons for hair loss are stress, hormonal imbalance, illness, improper diet, pollution, aging, infections, use of chemicals and exposure to radiations, depression and many others and if you are suffering from any of the problem of hair fall then this article will really help you as I have uploaded hair fall solution in urdu. You please click on read more button to read hair fall tips in urdu. You can also share your tips and experiences at the end of this post in the comment box.

Hair Fall Tips in Urdu


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