Hepatitis C Symptoms and TreatmentHepatitis C Symptoms in Urdu: This post is all about hepatitis c symptoms and causes in urdu. In many parts of the world specially in Pakistan, our beloved country, unsafe injection practices in the delivery of health care are an important and common cause of hepatitis C. Although hepatitis C damages the liver, 80% of people with the disease do not have symptoms. In those who do, symptoms of Hepatitis C may not appear for 10-20 years, or even longer. Even then, the Symptoms of Hepatitis C usually come and go and are mild and vague. Unfortunately, by the time symptoms appear, the damage may be very serious. You please click on the read more button below to read Hepatitis C Symptoms in Urdu and don’t forget to send your comments and experiences about this disease. As your tips may help others to keep themselves away from the causes of hepatitis c and cure not only their but their beloved lives.
Hepatitis C Symptoms in Urdu