Haq Mehr

Islamic Haq MehrHaq Mehr (Promt or Deferred): The system of Haq Meher (حق مہر) or Dower for the bride from the groom as one of the prerequisites of marriage is really a beautiful concept in Islam. Haq Mehr is one of the most basic rights of a married woman. As an essential requisite of marriage, haq mehr is always due to the wife, no matter whether it has been written and specified in the marriage contract i.e. nikahnama. If it is not fixed in the nikahnama during marriage, it is known as ‘mehr ul misl’ or proper dower and the court will then set it by taking into account her status and the mehr given to her close female relatives. If the mehr is fixed it can be prompt (mehr moajjal) or deferred (ghair moajjal or mu’wajjal) or split into parts some of which is prompt and some of which is deferred. If it is not specified which form the mehr is, it is assumed to be prompt. If you want to get information about haq mehr, kinds of haq mehr, haq mehr in islam or haq mehr in islam in urdu then please click on read more button to read the rest of this post in urdu. You can find more islamic tips in “islamic” section of this site.

Haq Mehr in Urdu

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