Aqwal e Zareen

Aqwal e Zareen: Aqwal e Zareen in UrduUrdu Quotes – quotes are known as aqwal e zareen in urdu and are actually  wise sayings. If you don’t know the meaning of Aqwal e Zareen in Urdu then first of all remember aqwal e zareen (quotes or wise sayings in urdu) means سنہری باتیں – Some aqwal e zareen in roman urdu: Jo shakhs Allah se darta hai woh kabhi badla nahi leta. Hasad karnay wala maut se pehley mar jaata hai. Waqt, hawa aur dolat hamesha badalte rahte hain. For more aqwal e zareen in urdu language please click on read more button. You can find more aqwal e zareen in “quotes” section of tips in urdu. Your comments about urdu aqwal e zareen will highly be appreciated by me and my team.

Aqwal e Zareen in Urdu

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