How to Shape Your Eyebrows

How to Shape Your EyebrowsHow to Shape Your Eyebrows: Beautifully shaped eyebrows give extra charm to your look and beauty. Always try to shape your eyebrows in such a manner that match your face and look. Eyebrows shaping involves removing extra hair from underneath and above the eyebrow as needed to give charming shape, beauty and provide an attractive “frame” for the eyes. Eyebrows shaping needs technical skill and it is not a fun, but it can drastically affect ones appearance. The ideal brow is one that is nicely groomed and not over plucked. Beware of an eyebrow arch that is too high or skinny. The biggest mistake women make is to tweeze too much. Avoid over plucking as it can take months for brows to grow back. I have uploaded a video tutorial to help you how to shape your eyebrows. You please click on read more button to watch the video in which you will see Eyebrows Shaping Tips. You can find more tutorials in Urdu in “Tutorials” section of Tips in Urdu. Your comments about How to Shape Eyebrows at Home will highly be appreciated by me and my team.

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